Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Thank you for 50 years of practical guidance, heartfelt moments, and loving me as unconditionally as a human being possibly can.

I am so grateful for decades of memories. Many hilarious, some serious, and a few anger producing. The anger was on my end and from when I was about 14. Thanks to you and Mom for both hanging in there and shaping me into a better person than I could ever have become on my own. 

I spent the first 30 years of my life believing you were never wrong. What a relief to finally discover you are as human as the rest of us! This revelation didn’t diminish my admiration for you. Rather, I realized you had the ability to maintain positive leadership and earn our respect through what must have been your own uncertainties. Thank you for being a strong parent and showing me how to love and lead my own children. 

Relationships are made for change and ours is no different. We have navigated this dance of life as best we can. Some life change has been remarkably difficult and we have been powerless to stop it. But we have faced it together and that has made the difference.

We probably won’t celebrate today the way we used to. I know some days are really tough for you. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to wish (my word, not yours) a body would remain physically capable of all that it once could do.  I’m okay with the changes we are experiencing because you are still here. We both know that is nothing short of miraculous and I am beyond grateful.

It may surprise you to know that the moments we spend visiting now are some of the sweetest in my memory bank. I hope they are for you too.

Dad, you are still and always will be My Superman. (Minus the tights of course!)

Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for making every day of my life richer and fuller because I have a dad who cares and has asked me the hard questions and always come through for me. Life may have changed your body a bit but it has not changed your strength of character. Thank you for passing that on to me. I love you, Cindy

PS: Your worst piece of advice to me ever was to stop having babies. Where would we all be without your youngest, extremely tenacious grandson?!