Where I’ve been is as important as where I stand today. And key to where I am going. This is a fairly new truth for me. I’ve mostly considered the past over and done and am ready to see where life leads next. Except when life doesn’t move fast enough, leaving me shuffling my feet and unsure what to do with myself.

I just finished a study on Deuteronomy (Thanks, First 5!). Yep, the OT as in Old Testament, not overtime. As a result, I have a new appreciation for “what has been.”

Deuteronomy (in my unscholarly biblical opinion) is basically a recap of Exodus–the great story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt into the wilderness where they were led and shaped by God for 40 years. Initially it seemed slightly unnecessary to have another biblical book (and a really long one!) retell the events. I have come away, however, with a new perspective.

The retelling of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt and wandering in the desert for 4 decades is an opportunity to remind those living then and all who have followed since of the faithfulness of God. By the retelling of these mighty deeds, God’s people were reminded again and again He would not let them down. Because He was faithful in the past, He would continue to be faithful in leading them into conquering and claiming their promised land. And He did. Just as He does for me.

I thought long on my own past today. I am so grateful for the example of two godly grandmas who taught me to persevere in faith no matter what. I was not thankful as a child for being taken to Sunday School, although those foundational teachings have served me well my entire life. As an adult, I also have an appreciation for having learned commitment by attending regularly. I now go/do/serve even when I don’t feel like it. (Thank you, Mom and Dad.)

Life is hard. I am learning that having my own stories of God’s continued faithfulness to recount to myself and my family make it easier to go forward, especially when the storms of life roll over us. We are not lost but rather learning to trim our sails and trust the one who makes the rain.