Christmas is over and we are in the gap until the New Year. I call this time The Season of Between. It seems this week is always a period of “getting over” and “gearing up.” I’m getting over the parts of the past year that I didn’t like. A mixture of things that happened that I couldn’t control but also the things I could. And wish I hadn’t. You know, regrets for the things I selfishly orchestrated that didn’t turn out very well. And my attitude. Every year I have a hangover from the attitude I imposed over the last year. This year impatience hangs over the days of 2015. 

I won’t wallow in the regret. It’s unfortunate the time I wasted being irritated because I was impatient, but I’m not staying there. Don’t forget that in this Between, I am also gearing up for the new year and new opportunities. 

In reflecting on 2015 and preparing for 2016, I have determined I need to intentionally and earnestly surrender:

  • Selfishness (that’s #1 on my list for many years running and despite trying to shepherd 4 children I still seem to have plenty of time for self-engaging negative behaviors).
  • Irritation – It is after all a choice to be irritated. The big problem is I stay there. I’m not describing a momentary irritation. This is the kind that holds on all day. You know, when I let my entire day (and everyone else’s) be ruined because someone wore my indoor Crocs out in the dirt. (I know. I know they are easily washable. That’s what I’m talking about–this attitude that takes on a life of its own because I let it get out of control.)
  • Impatience with myself and others because it ultimately leads to bullet 2.
  • Judgment, pride, and arrogance – These get one bullet because my pride won’t allow the list to get too long. 😊 

This may look like a short list but believe me, there are some heavy internal hitters in there. Which means there is only one place to take them. The place where everything has to ultimately get surrendered or it isn’t really gone. The feet of Jesus. Who I was just reminded this week came to seek and save the lost. And boy do I get lost–mostly in myself. Thankfully, he lets me start over. Every year. Every day. Every moment.