I haven’t slept well in–well–a really long time. I mentioned that to my man this morning, asking if maybe he was tossing and turning and was the reason I wan’t resting. Nope. He’s sleeping just fine, thank you. So it comes down to me.

I thought for a second and then quietly confessed, “I think I’m worried.” He asked if I was “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” What shoe? Drop from where? The scattered thoughts rushed through my head. Then I nodded. “Yes, that’s it.” Again, though. what shoe? And therein lies the problem. I’m waiting for something (bad) to happen that I can’t even identify and for which there is no basis.

It’s because we know–he and I. We know those shoes can come out of where we didn’t even know a foot existed and drop, pummel, pelt until a person can’t see straight. And then he–this man of mine–said to me ever so wisely, “That’s why we need to remember to celebrate nothing.”

I cocked my head. Celebrate nothing? It took me a minute to catch up. Nothing happening really isn’t nothing at all. Yes! My heart leapt a little. We NEED to celebrate the nothings. Life when nothing bad is happening is indeed celebration worthy. Regular old life, sprinkled with  joy and a setback or two is pretty much the every day tempo for most of us. And we need to celebrate that. Celebrate that everyone is  home safely at the end of the day. That there is enough food on the table. That I can still visit my parents every day if I choose to. The list is infinite if that is how I choose to view life.

That’s not to negate the really hard things and the importance of figuring out how to celebrate life in the midst of those times as well. But it’s in the everyday thanksgiving living that we build the foundation to live with gratitude during the really, really tough seasons.

Choose your nothings and GO celebrate them!