Get away with me and you’ll recover your life – Matthew 11:28 (The Message)

Get away. Yes. I need that. It’s not that my life is more difficult or complex than anyone else’s. I just happen to be going through a season where even the simplest task is tiring and anything requiring moderate brainpower is absolutely exhausting.

So I have those pep talks with myself. You know, the really helpful kind. Like, “What is the matter with you?” “Get a grip; everyone else seems to be managing just fine.” “You have so much to be thankful for.” I can play those tapes over and over in my head, but the self berating only exhausts and saddens me more.

Fortunately, today I stumbled across this gem from Matthew 11. I’m familiar with the verse, having previously read it in more traditional language that reads: Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s really good. The weary receive rest. Nice.

But tonight, I like The Message version better. I want more than rest. I desire to get away. I want to recover my life. I don’t want to be angry, easily irritated, and just plain bothered by the people around me. I want to show patience and love and have the energy to enjoy other people.

So what is my responsibility in this? My job is to “get away.” This doesn’t have to be a physical removal (though I’m not opposed to the idea of a vacation). In fact, I think this verse is all about getting away from the details of life that tend to overwhelm me and living life right no matter where I am, no matter what’s happening in or around me.

What I take from this verse is that rather than channel surf, nap, sigh heavily and loudly, and overwork myself to the point of fatigue, I will get away with the one who loves me. It’s as simple as that. By spending time with Him who made me and rejoices over me, everything else is restored to proper perspective and joyful living is recovered.

If you’re tired, crabby, and self-absorbed, come away with me.

And–just to be sure I’m not misunderstood–I enjoy a quality nap and a good movie as much as the next person. They are good and restorative things to do. But trust me, you’ll enjoy them all the more after you’ve gotten away.