It is better to give than to receive. Hmmmm…….

It is fun to plan the gift, give it over with no strings attached, and await the response of the receiver. It is sooo easy to give. Not so easy always to receive. Which is silly. Being a receiver means somebody has something to give us. And we should accept the gift gracefully and with thanksgiving.

I’m learning to be a receiver. A gracious, thankful receiver. 

This year has taught the man and me and our children about receiving. In a difficult year, we have received words of encouragement, handshakes, and hugs. We have been cared for by those who have covered us with prayer. We have been gifted in many ways–a long fishing weekend, a Thanksgiving basket with turkey and all the trimmings left on our porch, and a hundred other gestures that friends and family have offered to us. This morning, I opened the door to find a Christmas gift that changed the season for us. Changed it in what we can do for ourselves and others. Changed it by bringing humbleness to my heart and a prayer of thanksgiving to my lips.

This gift was anonymous. I haven’t a clue who left it or how many people may have been a part of putting it together. 

It. is. humbling. Enormously so.  Because as I was wondering who would have done this latest amazing thing for us, I realized just how many possibilities there are. We have so many who love us. So many who have given to us in ways they didn’t know would touch us so deeply or meet a need we hadn’t spoken.

In this season of miracles, of giving and receiving, put your thanks on.