When this is over, things will be good.

For three months now, I have shared a bit about “the situation” my man and I currently find ourselves in. I’ve talked openly about trusting in God for a good outcome and how difficult I find the waiting.

I was pondering (and rebelling against) the waiting a few days ago when I had an epiphany. And not a happy one. People talk about having their “aha moment” and they find it exciting, invigorating, and renewing. Mine was an “oh dear” moment. Because I realized that with life being about peaks and valleys, it’s a given that I’m going to be in the valley again (and again). The valley can be good–a place to rest and find refreshment and to look forward to climbing again. It can be an advent season, anticipating what is to come.

Unfortunately, the valley can also be dark and overwhelming when what I really want to do is feel the wind in my face from the top of the mountain and luxuriate in the fantastic view.

So what do I do with that? How do I follow up the “oh dear” moment? 

Well, I think for starters I take this season. And I grow with it. Instead of giving in to moments of panic, I reaffirm my trust. I believe. I mean, I really believe in a good outcome. And it might look totally different than the scenes that sometimes play out in my head. But I strengthen and steel myself in resolve to believe in the good no matter what.

By leaning into this season, embracing what I can and accepting the rest, I will be better prepared for the next time. The next valley may not be so deep, might have beautiful views of its own, and may be a place I want to rest in for awhile. And it may not. And though I my initial reaction may be “oh dear,” at least I’ll know what to do.