Hmmm, I haven’t had a waist since I was 12. But Day 2 of my Prayer Challenge tells me I am supposed to pay attention to this body part–or at least what I put around it. 

Stand, therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth . . .  (Ephesians 6:14)

In this verse, Paul tells us to stand. How does having a belt help me stand? Back to the Roman soldiers. Their “belts” were similar to those of a modern-day weightlifter. These belts are designed to give strength and support. They protect the body and enable one to “stand stronger.”

This particular belt is made of truth. Truth, deceit, and discernment of any kind form in our mind and take the direction we allow our mind to go. Therefore, we must surround ourselves with and practice truth in order to “wear it” on a regular basis. We have to work at keeping deception out of our heads. I’m pretty adept at having imaginary conversations about what I’m going to say or do or what I should have said or done. I have to mentally tell myself to stop. Being aware of truth and striving to live in truth reminds me that pretend conversations are a waste of time. 

Paul definitely used the word “fastened” or it’s Greek equivalent on purpose. Our modern translation of this word is to secure or bind. Some translations use the word “gird,” defined as to encircle, make fast, and prepare for action. In either case, Paul is letting us know this belt needs to be put on in such a way that it stays on. Truth is a serious and necessary part of our armor.

Did I mention this belt is God’s belt, meaning it is also His truth? That’s the kind of truth we need to live in.  And until we get the hang of securing our belt daily, we need to keep asking Him to direct us toward truth and that we be willing to see it–even when we don’t like what it reveals about ourselves.

As is the case with most of the gifts of our Heavenly Father, there is more to this belt than meets the eye. The belt holds the weapon–the sword–and no solider could have engaged in battle without it. There were also protections built in. Strips of leather were attached, the purpose of their design to protect the lower body of these expert warriors. 

On a personal note, I did spend more time in prayer today than I usual. When I allow my mind to unravel before our Holy God, I find there is so much to pray about and so many to pray for, as well as to worship, praise, and thank Him. And the unexpected blessings? I am gifted with peace, joy, and the ability to see beyond myself.