I was invited away and my heart soared. It was perfect timing to leave everything behind. My mind was set on relaxation, catching walleyes, and drawing closer to God.

Day 1: Waves kicked my butt and I was returned to shore early. My first brush ever with seasickness resulted in mild humiliation. Mild only because my family was kind enough to bring me to shore before I started heaving over the gunwales.

Day 2: Armed myself with two Dramamine prior to launch. Waves were no longer an issue but the Dramamine (oh, it’s not the non-drowsy formula?) kicked my butt. Back to shore after 2 hours for a 3-hour nap.

What with the little time I’ve spent fishing, I’ve had plenty of time to   lend my mind and hands to other things. 

I expected to find myself automatically giving thanks and counting my gifts. But I haven’t. What I’ve learned is that worship and the fruits thereof aren’t automatic. I need to actively engage. I couldn’t figure out how to break through the fog of post-Dramamine ingested long nap syndrome (yes it is a syndrome even if I’m the only one who has it) long enough to take my focus away from the jigsaw puzzle pieces of my thoughts.

Once again a post that Ann Voskamp shared was in the right place at the right time. This jogged my brain, my heart, and my faith. If you’re having trouble getting your faith game on today, watch this. If you’re not having trouble, watch it anyway.

This. Will. Move. You.