Since yesterday’s post, I’ve had a few face-to-face moments with expectation. In varying degrees of satisfaction.

Let’s start with the basics. I have an expectation that my children will do their homework. That it will be done on time. That they will actually (gasp) hand it in. Basic expectation in this area has not turned out as I anticipated. (Except for Son 3 who was rewarded with a solo Dairy Queen treat, but that’s another story. )

Moving on to medium expectation. I have done business with a local company for over 30 years. I called them today for assistance and was told it wasn’t a good day to expect anyone to help me. When I explained the problem and the expected resolution, I was told I would be called back. Since they closed a few hours ago, I guess I’ll quit waiting for their call.

High expectations are reserved for my family and friends, which is really unfair. Who could possibly live up to filling my empty places, foreseeing and acting upon my every need, and reacting in the way I expect them to? Obviously no one. And believe me when I say The Man has tried hard. Ridiculously hard. And the poor guy is often utterly clueless because how can he read my mind?

Our expectations for one another–be they reasonable or not–are exactly why I wrote yesterday’s post. In the midst of family chaos, poor customer service, and The Man who just wants to be there for me but doesn’t always know how, there remains a reason to ultimately expect good things. And in this expecting, I find joy, hope, and peace. May you find yours as well. And be kind to those who were never created to meet what you might be expecting from them.