Life. I would never have planned this season. I didn’t ask for it. I don’t want it. And yet, it is sweet in ways that I could never have imagined when the dark winds began to blow.

There is truth that the right amount of wind strengthens a young plant so that it can mature and become fruitful. So also, there is truth that the wind I so want to wrestle into submission is strengthening me. 

The same wind that intended ill by swirling hurt and misunderstanding around me and those I love has also buffeted away my fears, strengthened my core of faith, and changed my eternity. I am knee-bendingly grateful I was not able to harness this wind. I am thankful that the One Who Calls the Wind by Name was there–is here–and used what was intended for evil for His good purposes and to bring a multitude of blessings to so many. 

And I count His grace, His mercy, His goodness as gifts. And I marvel that He sees me, small as I am, and has called me into a purpose I did not imagine.

The wind is changing me. Not because I say so; because He has called it into being.