Sad tonight. When I’m melancholy, I just keep finding more things to be sad about. Eventually I start to think sad thoughts about really ridiculous things.

I know this pattern in myself. It generally means I need to shut down, go to sleep, and know that the morning will bring a new outlook. Unfortunately, I don’t usually get to that point until I’ve wasted a whole lot of time with unhappy thoughts.

Tonight I started dwelling in sadness and I knew where I was headed–more speedily than usual. I shared one of my mind examples with my man who seemed a bit alarmed about the shape my thought patterns were taking.

So I willingly chilled out my brain and started counting. Remember those 1,000 gifts? Yes, those.

And counting the gifts, the blessings, the people and things in my life for whom I am thankful was like hitting a reset button.

As I tuck into bed, I’m not crawling in because I no longer want to put up with myself. I’m climbing in with a smile on my face, a happy heart, and a peaceful mind.

Keep counting.