Have you ever looked up the meaning of your name? It can be fun or disappointing, depending upon what you are hoping for. For example, Cindy = Light. Very cool but also an expectation to live up to. I’m sure some of you are wondering if my momma misnamed me. She didn’t. And I don’t say that because I’m confident that I live up to my name meaning. 

I say it because I believe that ultimately God names us and He’s never wrong. 

Take His Son. Jesus. This was the “name of the day” in the late BC era. Every village had at least a few fellows named Jesus, yet God chose to give His only Son this very common name. I’m pretty sure He planned it long before the baby was supernaturally conceived. After all, Jesus means “Savior.”

Whatever you think of your name, check out its meaning. And don’t dismiss it if you don’t like the definition. There’s a meaning just for you.