How many times in a year can one couple watch The Bourne Ultimatum? Forty-two. Yes, you read right. Now, keep in mind I’m not talking about the entire movie–at least not since the first viewing probably 5 years ago.

What we do is catch only the middle or the end. Or snippets. Sometimes we watch one snippet only. Other times many snippets between channel switches to football, Duck Dynasty, and Pawn Stars.

Are you wondering why? Frankly, I’m amazed if you aren’t. Now, I can’t answer for the man who holds the remote, but I can tell you my reason: Because that remote-toting man I love is watching. The middle. The end. Or snippets. I might not be paying complete attention to what Jason Bourne and Pamela Landy are up to, but I’m hanging close to the love of my life. And that’s worth doing. Forty-two times a year times five years.

Enjoy today. And love well. I gotta go–Jason is on the run again.