Our family has a new addition. Stella, a 4-year-old boxer has come to live with us.

My kids have been asking for a second dog for months. I said the only way we would ever get another dog was if “one just came to us.” Enter Stella.

Stella came from a good home, but her family was moving thousands of miles away to a town home without much space for a playful girl to romp.

One night while we got together with said family members, I met Stella. I came prepared with hardened heart against this dog who I knew would benefit from a home with family and room to exercise.

And then, there she was. Trotting across the kitchen to nuzzle her nose in my hand and looking at me with those Puss-n-Boots (think Shrek) eyes. I was gone!

And when the man of the house said I don’t think so and I said I think we will, I didn’t know what the outcome would be. And then the man fell hard too. When I caught him feeding her a piece of cake in the kitchen, I knew we were both hooked.

She came home on a trial basis 2 1/2 weeks ago and she’s still here. And you know what? It’s like she has always belonged; that this home, our family, and our dog Isabelle have been waiting for this bundle of energy to claim her place with us. She has.

It’s like that with Jesus too. You belong. Always have. Claim your place.