The Spirit of The Lord God is on me, because The Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor.

Spirit = Essential principle influencing a person
Supernatural (in this case Holy) being

Me = Who I am

Anointed = A sacred rite of consecration

Poor = Lacking adequate supply

A little help from Webster to better understand Isaiah 61:1 (HCSB):

The Holy Spirit, one third of the Trinity, the essential Spirit of Christ the Son of God that has been bestowed upon those of us who believe is on Me. The Me who I am right now. The one who doesn’t understand God’s ways but chooses to believe they are good. The Me who is a spiritual babe. The Me who isn’t often bold, prepared, or poised. Yet this Supreme Being chooses to be on Me, to anoint and consecrate Me. To give me a purpose. To entrust Me to bring His Love to those who lack. He chooses this Me who lacks to bring His Good Word to those who also lack. Lack of belief, trust, faith, love, provision, hope, patience, joy. The list goes on.

Choose with me. Choose to trust one step at a time to see that the Lord is Good. Always. And in choosing, the lacking becomes less.